Friday, November 12, 2010

Funniest book in a long time

Guest post written by Robert Mays

I've been stuck on all kinds of books lately that are more serious, see I'm trying to read a lot of the American classics for the fun of it because it disturbs me how many I haven't read until now. But I've been needing a little break from all of that and wanted to read some current books that are a little more light hearted. But I think that I've found an author that I can count on for when I need some more light hearted stuff that's really funny.

I went online with my bundle clear internet to some book blogs reader forums and posed the question for some suggestions about soem good funny books I could read. Well one author's name kept coming up again and again, Christopher Moore.

So I did some research on him and ended up getting A Dirty Job book that's written by him. It ended up being really funny. The lead character in it learns that his job is death, as in he has the job to be a Grim Reaper.

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Writing classes

Guest post written by Lindsay Purdue

I've been wanting to take writing classes for a long time, but had never really had the time or the money to do it until recently. I found out about one at my local community center that fit into my budget and my schedule, so I went ahead and signed up for it.

I was really scared to write and share it with other people, so I looked up a whole bunch of writing tips with my Los Angeles ClearWire wireless internet and kept those in mind for my class.

I've also been thinking about why my favorite writers are my favorites. I even read a bunch of stuff by writer Danielle Steel and figured out some of the writing techniques that she uses to really get the attention and infatuation of her readers and keep it throughout her whole books. I might try and write some romance stories like her, I just donÕt want to make them risquŽ. A whole lot more sweet than risquŽ because my classmates will be reading it.

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