Sexy Women Read, located on the world wide web at http://sexywomenread.blogspot.com/, is a web site used for the purpose of book (under the genre of romance) reviews and giveaways. All giveaways are sponsored by book publishing companies in exchange for the purpose of advertisment for the product being reviewed and/or given away. The advertisment can be as simple as a mention of the companies name and a link to them through the giveaway post. Sexy Women Read does not get paid for the reviews written, although we do recieve free products for the purpose of reviews only.

Unless otherwise stated in giveaway post, all giveaway items are sent directly to the winner from the company sponsoring the giveaway.

Unless otherwise stated, all opinions are 100% of the reviewer's opinion. We state "unless otherwise stated" meaning that some information in posts may be the company's facts, which may, to some eyes, look like opinions. We also word as such because in rare instances, Sexy Women Read includes more than one person's opinion of an product.

Sexy Women Read does not get paid for writting reviews. Sexy Women Read does not get paid for hosting giveaways.

Sexy Women Read does offer advertising space, which can be purchased per month, and viewed from every page of the blog to be seen by everyone. While Sexy Women Read does offer advertising space for both companies and blogs alike to advertise on, not all of the advertisment seen on Sexy Women Read is being paid for. Most of the advertisment seen is free, there for the purpose of the readers. For any reason, should anyone wish to know how much advertising space is being bought on Sexy Women Read at any given moment, you may contact Sexy Women Read via our contact form.

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