Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Play Ball!

I usually do not publish posts that do not have to do with books.  However, my family is big on sports, and when this guest post came along, I thought I would like to share this with you all.  I hope you enjoy the short post!

Guest post written by Phil Owens

My wife and I went to a big basketball school when we were young, and ever since, we've been avid college basketball fans. We've kept up with college basketball for the last 50 years! We've seen some amazing moments, and we've watched our home team have a few moments of glory. Basketball is a great American sport, and I love it dearly. Currently, we're getting ready for the road to the national championship game. Our team has been chosen for the tournament, thankfully. We are getting very excited, and we have been gathering around our home calendar and planning how to make the games fun and exciting. Next week, we're going to throw our own small party and ! supply lots of food, yum!

After checking out some hearingaidsreviews online, I printed out the bracket for the tournament, and I've begin to make my predictions with my wife. This is going to be a very exciting next few weeks, and we are glad to be able to experience another highly exciting year of college basketball together

**Check the FAQ and Disclaimer page for information.  This is a guest post.**