Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Review: The Virtuoso by Grace Burrowes

Ellen Markham tells herself she's happy raising flowers and living in near penury in the Oxfordshire countryside, but when Valentine Windham moves in just on the other side of the wood, Ellen's longing for things she can never have threatens to overcome her good sense. Valentine's artistic soul, tender loving, and ducal determination tempt Ellen to trust and confide in a man who can only be endangered, should he learn of her past. For Valentine, regaining his musical skill becomes far less urgent than winning Ellen's heart. description taken from here.

I thought this was a cute story.  Both of the characters had their own issues (Ellen a young widow and Val having an injury making him unable to play the piano), and they thought that their love could never last.  The piano was the one thing that Val thought he could ever love and fill his life with purpose.  Come to find out, it seems that Val can love something more than just music and his life can still be filled with purpose.

The story had great characters and a nice bit of drama to keep the story line interesting.  I always enjoy Burrowes writing, and The Virtuoso was no exception.

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