Thursday, April 15, 2010

Awesome New Author~ Charlene Teglia

Technically, the brillant woman known as Charlene Teglia is not "new", but she is new to me (sold her first book back in 2004).  I picked up one of her books (thankfully the first in the series!) and WOW!  If you like paranormal and erotica, then get this book!!!!!  It is super hot and has a great plot.  I started it this morning, and finished it about 4 hours ago.  And, no, it is not a small book (304 pages).  I read Animal Attraction which the first book in the "Neuri Chronicles".  The second is called Red Queen and will not be out until May. 

Animal Attraction is about:

Chandra Walker has a secret hidden in her genes—she’s a rare female werewolf. Now that her all-male pack has located her, it’s her destiny to sample each man’s pleasures and choose a mate from among them—a mate who will become pack leader. Soon the strongest alphas are competing to bring Chandra the most ecstasy, but only one man will claim her.

By going to the amazon page, you can read a clip of the book!

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Happy Reading!


Cecile said...

Oh yea, this woman is wicked hot!!!! Hee hee, that is the book I read by her and Claimed by the Wolf... And I have Animal Atrraction!!! Hot hot hot hot!!!!!!!!!
Glad you like her!
Have a great weekend!