Friday, April 2, 2010

Blog Award!

Deb, over at Just Short of Crazy, gave me a blog award!  Wasn't that sweet of her??  Thanks Deb!

So, now I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about myself and then pass this along to 15 other lovely bloggers.  So.. Let's see if I can think of anything interesting..

1) I graduated from high school a year early.
2) I'm taking college classes through 2 different schools (one of which isn't even in my state).
3) I am *not* a morning person!
4) My music tastes are all over the spectrum.. From classical, to Italian Opera, to alternative rock to jazz, some light rap and some screamo.
5) I'm the shortest person in my family (minus the 3 yr old cousin). 5'5"
6) I used to have a ball python, but I got rid of it when I needed room for a book shelf!
7) My very first adult romance was Kresley Cole's A Hunger Like No Other.

Now, it is always super hard to pick out bloggers who derserve these great awards, and I hate making people feel like they don't deserve.  So, I'm not going to name names.  If I follow your blog and you are reading this, feel free to grab the award, because there is a good reason why I follow you!

Thanks again Deb for giving me the award!

Until Next Time,
Happy Reading!


Deb said...

You're Welcome! You have a great blog and I love reading it :)

Cecile said...

Oh honey! you know I stalk you all the time! I am sorry if I am late getting here sometimes, lol! I seem to be sucking lately at that, but I promise to pick up my pace soon! 10 more days till tax season will finally be over!!!!

Anyway, you know I love your place!!!! You are such a sweetheart!