Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Planning your Wedding Online

This guest post from Taryn Rosa

I just finished booking my wedding venue online. I'm really excited as this is a huge step and brings be that much closer to my special day. While researching wedding venues using my satellite wireless internet today I came across a very elegant estate with a price tag that my pocket could afford. I have the choice of having the ceremony outside or inside the estate this way if the weather isn't so good we could move the "I do's" inside.

There are also plenty of rooms inside for all of the photos we will be taking before and after the vows. I'm really starting to get excited now about the whole event. Of course I still have plenty more planning to do but once you secure your venue for your wedding, the hardest part is over. Now, let the fun begin!

I've been researching some florists online as well, I would rather go with a whole wedding package than indivually pick out arrangements that could run me a lot more money. I'm only going to do one arrangement on each table inside and concentrate on more floral decorations for the ceremony. I don't want it to look over-done. As for the bridesmaids, I might just go with some simple lilies tied with a bow. Anyway, there's still 1 year left so I can take my time making this decision.

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