Thursday, July 1, 2010

Funny and Favorite Quotes

"This is not going to be a proper marriage"

-Marshall, pg. 77, The Devil Wears Tartan by Karen Rainey


"My lady, did your husband share your bed on your wedding night?"

"Oh, aye." Emma smiled her relief.  She had been consumated.  "Aye, his men undressed him and put him there, my lord.  He made quite a racket, I can tell you.  I thought his snore would lift the roof."

"Aye, but did he touch you?" the archbishop put in impatiently.

"Touch me?"  Emma looked uncertain again as she tried to recall.  For a moment she was quite concerned for she could not recall if he had and judging from the expressions, it was quite important, but then she smiled again with relief as she remembered. "Aye, my lord, he rolled upon me in the night.  In fact, he near suffocated me."  She lowered her voice as she confessed, "He was quite sotted my lord.  He did not wake up when I rolled him off."

-The Deed by Lynsay Sands, pg. 16-17


"...I'm not insane for nothing."

"Wait!"  She gripped the phone with both hands. "Do you.. do you ever dream others memories?"


"From the past?  Of course not, sweetling.  Now, that's just crazy."

-A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole, pg. 219

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