Thursday, September 2, 2010

Review: Shelly Laurenston ~ Pride Series

I love Shelly Laurenston's books.  It's that simple.  They are hot, sexy, and full of laughs.  That's why I'm not writing individual reviews, because they would be super long and I would talk about them all even though trying to stay at only one book.  So, I'm just going to say that I love them, why I love them, and then give you guys the names, and other info you might need to find these books and buy them if your interested.

The series I'm reading is the Pride series.  Here is the list of books and links to the author's site so you can read snippets of the books if you want to:

And, book 6 will be coming out in 2011!!

Now, I have not read The Beast In Him and The Mane Attraction because I do not yet have them.  But the other 3 I do own and have read. They are all so good.  The sex scenes are hot, the romance is there, the connections are there, the friendships are fantastic, plots are excellent and the humor is everywhere!  I just really love these books.

They are about shape shifters (lions, tigers, bears, oh my!)who live in New York, present day.  One family of wolves owns a string of restaurants and they cook all the time.  One polar bear/lion is a professional hockey player for a shifter only team.  And, some more lions own a hotel.  As you can tell, the shifters kind of have their own little world going for them and the humans (although they live with them) don't know about them.

Now, I know that are more expensive because they are trade paperbacks.  These books are normally around $14.  But, I got mine for around $3.50 at my local used book store.  If you don't have one in your area, look on amazon (it looks like a lot of hers you can purchase for around $5 and up used) and on eBay.  You can also check at the which offers FREE SHIPPING worldwide on all of their books (there it looks like you would pay around $6 and up).

It looks like is the cheapest to get her books though.  (I've used them before and they are great.  You can sell your books [used and new] to them as well.)  

I know some of you have probably read either all or some of the series already, but to the ones who have not, I hope this gives you a list of some new reads and that you check the books out because they are so good.  They will always have a permanent spot on my favorite's shelf, that's for sure. : )

Until Next Time,
Happy Reading!