Thursday, December 2, 2010

Review: The Rake by Suzanne Enoch

Wow, I apologise for the big gap in between reviews!  I didn't realize it had been so long.  School has been crazy and then I was sick for a couple weeks and now the holidays are making it even crazier!  Some of you must have thought I had died it has been so long since I have last posted, but I'm here with another review, and I have to say, this is the best story I have read in a long long time.

Three determined young ladies vow to give three of London's worst rakes their comeuppance -- but when these rogues turn the tables, who truly learns a lesson in love?

Once upon a time, the notorious Viscount Dare charmed Lady Georgiana Halley out of her innocence -- to win a wager, no less! -- and now he must pay dearly. The, plan is simple: She will use every seductive wile she knows to win Dare's heart...and then break it. But his smoldering gaze once again tempts Georgiana to give in to desire -- and when he astonishes her with a marriage proposal, she wonders: Is he playing yet another game...or could it truly be love this time? description taken from here.
My Review
The story starts out with Georgiana (a very rich 24 year old) telling her friends what Dare (Lord Dare aka Tristan) had done [his carriage had tossed water on some women].  It is obvious that Georgiana doesn't like Dare one bit.  You find out rather soon (just read the tid bit above my review!) why she hates Dare, but the rest of London doesn't know a thing, part of the book's charm.
The story is told 6 years after what happened between Georgiana and Dare. 
I really don't want to say too much and give away anything because you really just have to read the book for yourself.  I just want to say that the characters are amazing, the plot is interesting, and I love the twist and turns the book takes.  The sex scenes are pretty good too, just know that they will not smolder the pages of your book.  What I loved most about the book though was the fact that Enoch made the book so funny.  The characters are lovable and I almost want to yell at Georgiana that she should give in to Dare because he is so cute with her; but it really is the style of her writing that I feel in love with.
And, yes!  She does have more historical romances out that are equally impressive!  I own a few of them and I love every single one.  Below are links to some of her books available at  I own both and I have to say that they are my 2 favorite by Enoch, so you should definitely check them out!


***** Must Have!!
Heat Rating= mild/sweet

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