Saturday, October 15, 2011

Book Shopping

We all love books.  If we didn't, I wouldn't be writing about the books I love, and you wouldn't be looking at my blog.  Right?  I buy my books at numerous places, both at online book stores  and in stores there are many places I go to get my books.  I have a new favorite place to find my books, and I think you guys will like it too because it lists for you the books you want and low prices of where to buy them online.

The website is called and I thought it was pretty easy to navigate.  It literally took me 3 clicks to find the romance section, and I think I might have started drooling a little, I was so excited, when the first 2 books were both new releases by Sherrilyn Kenyon (you all know I love her books!).  Yeah, I know I already have those books, but it just excited me to know that they have good books on the site. 

P.C. Cast, Nora Roberts, Jean Johnson (from her new series!), Lora Leigh.... And that was just on the first page.  34 more pages of hot books to go through.  Yep, I'm in love.  The Sherrilyn Kenyons I was talking about (just so you get an idea of the prices), they are both hardcover, and NO MERCY, her newest Dark Hunter book is under $9. I paid close to $20 for my copy!  Are you seeing why I think I'm in love? : )

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