Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sherrilyn Keyon- Born Of Night Trailer!

Sherrilyn Kenyon is an amazing writer. Her Dark Hunter series had me hooked from book 1. It is a series you can read out of order. From the Dark Hunter series, I started reading her other books, and they are all fabulous!

This series The League , is about problems arising in another Universe because of a tyrant who wants to become a ruler. Those who oppose him have formed an army, they call themselves "The League". Inside The League is a separate group of soldiers who are as tuff as they come. They are the backbone of The League and are called "The League Assassins."
Politics rule this other universe and are evilly corrupt. It's kill or be killed, and they're coming for you.
While the books have action and good plots, they also have romance, which, let's be honest, is what you want to hear about in this post. Tough hunky men and beautiful women get thrown together, having to rely on each other to make it through the day, and on into the night.

You can see her trailer for Born Of Night here!

Reading Order:
1. Born of Night
2. Born of Fire
3. Born of Ice

You can visit for more information. I hope you do! And while you are there, check out her Dark Hunters series, and her MacAllister series [under pen name Kinley MacGregor], as well as all the others!