Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Sons Of Destiny series

Hi Everybody! And welcome to the first official book review for Sexy Women Read! Today, I'm going to talk about the Sons Of Destiny series by Jean Johnson.

The series has 8 books, one for each brother. All of the books are already out (so no having to wait!), having been published in the trade paperback form (the larger paperback). The books are currently being re-released in mass market paperback form (the average sized paperbacks) which go for less money. If you read as much as I do, then you know reading is an expensive addiction and mass market printing can come in handy for the series.

However, this series is so good that I could not wait (only 4 of the 8 books have been re-printed already) and got the more expensive copies.
The Sons Of Destiny does not have to be read in order, but it is better to if you want to be more in the loop.

Here's the order:
1. The Sword (Saber's book)
2. The Wolf (Wolfer's book)
3. The Master (Dominic's book)
4. The Song (Evanor's book)
5. The Cat (Trevan's book)
6. The Storm (Rydan's book)
7. The Flame (Koranen's book)
8. The Mage (Morganen's book)

Like I said, each book is about one of the brothers. You see, about 4 years ago, the brothers (who are mages- think wizards) were exiled because of their "curse" foretold 1,000 years before they were ever born. They were exiled to an island called Nightfall, and there they have been, all alone, 8 grown men to take care of themselves.

The curse has 8 verses, one verse for each brother. The first verse states that disaster shall come after them and that their Katan (the country they were exiled from) would fail to help them. Katan thought they weren't going to help because they couldn't, that they wouldn't be strong enough against the disaster, which is why they exiled them in an attempt to keep Katan safe.

But the curse really isn't a curse. It spins a web, telling each brother about his destined wife. The youngest brother, Morganen, is destined to be his brothers' matchmaker, which of course they don't like. What man would want their little brother meddling in their love affairs? But it's hard to match make when there aren't any women on the island. But that soon changes, as each brother meets his destined wife, and tries to woo her.

Watching from the sidelines as each brother tries to woos his predestined bride is a good laugh, especially since them men have been out of practice for a couple years. But how can the women not fall for these gorgeous, powerful, mages? Each character certainly has their quirks which makes reading the series very fun.

The only thing I wasn't crazy about in this series was the seventh book, which had a drawn out plot. I wanted to scream "get on with the romancing already!" But all in all, even the seventh book was cute.

Each book contains adult material, good solid plots, funny, loving characters (which you meet again and again in the series!), and lots of imagination.

I really enjoyed reading Jean Johnson's series, and so did my mom, who I passed the books along to!

Jean Johnson's new book SHIFTING PLAINS (not in this series) will also be coming out on November 3, 2009. So, if you're a fan, mark your calendars!

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