Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So I had a Blond Moment...

So, I had a Blond Moment this morning...

I went to check the mail and was excited with all my goodies.  (Turns out my goodies were just my books for the new semester, but oh well.)  Anyways, I got a WalMart sample of Cottonelle toilet paper. 

You know how one piece of tissue will stick out of a tissue box (the kind you use to blow your nose with)?  Well, one piece of toilet paper was attached to a piece of cardboard with some coupons and a sample of flush able wet wipes.

I showed my mom.  I told her, "Are you kidding me??  This is my sample?  How am I even supposed to see if I like this toilet paper when there is only one piece?"

My mom starts laughing.  She says "I guess they are saying that you only need one square because it is so absorbent, huh?"

I said, "This is stupid!  How is anyone supposed to wipe themselves with ONE square of toilet paper?"

Well... It turns out that my mom was making fun of me.  She then told me that there was more toilet paper stuck in the little boxed off area at the bottom of the carboard display (if you don't know what I mean then look below at the picture of some vitamins.  See how where "One A Day" is written?  Well, the box was much smaller, but it is the same idea.  It was a boxed off area at the bottom of the display).

Anyways, it turns out there WAS more than one square of toilet paper in the sample.  I was just raging on about nothing.  But, after the fact, I stopped to laugh at myself and how stupid my mom and I's converstaion was about the toilet paper sample.

Until Next Time,
Happy Reading!


Cecile said...

Honey, I am laughing with you... not at you... LMBO!!!!!! I promise **giggles**
Love ya!!!!! **giggles!!!**

CallMeKayla said...

I know right?? Wow.. I guess even though I cover the blond with dye I'm still subjected to the moments, huh? LOL