Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Review of Lora Leigh's Breeds Series

Hello everyone

I know I haven't posted in quite a while at the frequency that I used to, probably because I have been caught up in book world, going from one book to the next so quickly that I don't write up a review. 

So, what I have been reading?

Lora Leigh's BREEDS series.  At the moment, I am on the 20th book in the series.  Yes, you read that right.   I started reading them maybe about 2 or 2 1/2 months ago.  They are so good!!

The Breeds are human created half human DNA and half animal DNA.  The Breeds were created to be man's perfect cold killing army; stronger than the normal human, yet easy to control.  But, the Breeds were more human than the scientists wanted them to be.  They felt, they yearned, they wanted freedom and to experience life instead of painful "training".  If they were not good enough at killing, then they were killed.  Put in cages and only let out to go on a mission (aka kill someone the scientists want), they know they have to behave or their family members will pay the costs.

A few Breeds escaped over the  years and stayed in hiding, fearing to be caught and taken back.  Finally, one Breed, his mate (wife), and the few members of his pride step forward.  They came into the public eye, explaining to newspapers, television stations, the entire world, what their life was and is like.  Coming to the public eye brought both sympathy and help, as well as animosity and the need to rid the world of this "inhuman" race.  This is now where the Breeds stand. 

The characters are amazing.  You just feel for them so much, and it doesn't help that the guys are super sexy.  There is a nice amount of action and the sex scenes are steamy.  There are no stand-stills, or need fro skimming until you get back to the good stuff, in any of the books I have read so far. I just absolutely love them.  Like I said, I'm on the 20th book in the series right now.  There are 28 according to Lora's website, and I know I will be running out of the books soon.  More are on their way to the printing press, but I really hate waiting for books to come out, especially when you are waiting on a good series.  But, at least the series isn't over yet!

I urge you to go to her website (http://www.loraleigh.com/) and check out her books.  Along with the amazing BREEDS series, she also has a sexy series called the NAUTI BOYS that I also adore.

Until Next Time,
Happy Reading!

**These are books I purchased.  No one asked me to write a review and I did not get paid.**


Anonymous said...

Uggg, I'm SOOO far behind on this series. It's not that I don't like it, it just keeps getting pushed to the side. Nice overview :-)