Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Review: The Vampire Next Door by Ashlyn Chase

How does a vigilante vampire...

Undead Sly just hasn't been the same since he lost the love of this life many years ago.  He devotes his vampire powers to maintaining a nice safe neighborhood, until a chipped fang undermines his confidence - and leads him to a beautiful witch who awakens Sly's long-forgotten desires.

Hook up with a witch afraid of the dark...

The charming Morgaine has spells to cure everyone's problems but he own.  Her intense phobias keep her in her shell, until she gets to know tall, dark, and brooding Sly.  Just when two unlikely lovers think they might find a cure for both of them, their deepest fears are realized, and suddenly they see their last hope for a "normal" life slipping away...
description taken from back cover of book.

THE VAMPIRE NEXT DOOR is the 3rd book in the series Strange Neighbors.  Sadly, I did not like this book at all.  I found the plot to be boring; it was just plain dull to me.  There were too many minor characters mixed into this book too.  They had pieces of life's written in, and with as many minor characters as there was, it was just way too much. 

The characters were alright; they weren't bad, but they weren't lovely either, although you could at least empathize with them some.  The one character I could not stand, however, was Morgaine's cousin.  Why?  Because of the way she spoke.  It just drove me insane!  And, just so you can understand why, let me give you a quote from the book.

We was not drunk.  Just a little tipsy is all.  My gran-pappy used to say, 'As long as y'all can hold on to one blade of grass and not fall of the face of the earth, you ain't drunk.'"

It was continuous red-neck sayings and improper speech.  It drove me insane because I could just hear the over-the-top twang in my head.

But yes, I did not like this book at all.  I really tried to get into it and just couldn't.  Maybe one of you would enjoy it, but I cannot recommend it.

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