Saturday, March 20, 2010

Review: To Conquer A Highlander by Mary Wine (ARC)

Mary Wine captures all the raw, rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands, where tumultuous times bred a race of warrior men and women who fought for country, keep, and kin, and loved as passionately as they lived. In To Conquer a Highlander, Torin McLeren discovers his neighbor is plotting against the rightful heir to the throne of Scotland—a move that is likely to incite an English invasion. Seeking to foil the plot, he takes his neighbor's daughter hostage. Fiery Shannon Boyd plans to seduce her captor and then destroy him as retribution. But her plan goes awry when she lures Torin into her bed. In Torin, Shannon finds a passionate lover, a man who values and understands her. A man worth risking her life for— for her father will surely kill them both when he discovers what they've done…

To Conquer A Highlander, by Mary Wine, is a very exciting romance. You get hooked right from the start. The love scenes were few (about four) but they were nicely written.  If you like Highlanders, this is a book for you!  Shannon has the most retched father, mean to the very core.  Torin kidnaps her for revenge against her cruel father.  Unable to help the pull, they slowly fall in love with one another.  This was a very very good book!  I loved it and will be definitly be going out to buy more books by Mary Wine!  5 Stars!

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Book will be available to the public on July 6, 2010

P.S. If you liked this book, then mark your calendars for May!  Mary has another book, Undone, an anthology coming out featuring her story Stealing the Bride!

***** MUST HAVE!
Heat Rating= Sexy (getting pretty hot!)

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