Friday, February 5, 2010

Review: Elijah by Jacquenlyn Frank

     Elijah is the third book in Jacquelyn Frank's Nightwalker Series.  The Nightwalkers are a group of different races outside of the race human.  Demons, Shapeshifters, Druids, Vampires, Shadowdwellers and many others run wild in the same world unknowing humans do. 
     Elijah is a demon. Demons are a very emotional and sexual race.  They also are born within a special element (example: Mind Demons, Earth Demons, Wind Demons, Fire Demons, etc.)  Elijah is a wind demon.  He can control the weather and turn himself, and others he touches, into nothing but the wind; a cool form of traveling if I do say so myself.
    Ambushed by an evil demon and her minons, Elijah is left for dead when Siena finds him. Siena is a Lycanthrope (a shapeshifter).  Actually, she is the Queen of her race.  
    After the pair get physical, they find out they are mates.  Siena is scared to death.  She doesn't want to give up her thrown to a man!  But Elijah doesn't want her power, just her.
    They work it out, of course, but the book tells how they did so, and by the way.. What will happen to the evil demon?  Read and find out!

This is my third Jacquelyn Frank novel I have read. The woman is very consistent in her writting. There is always a slow spot in her books, making me want to stop, but rewarding me at the end when I finish the book with a fabulous ending.  The begining was slow.  It picked up for about 15 pages then dropped off again.  It did get better however and had a very cute ending.  Extreamly hot book!

*** Page Turner
Heat Rating= Spicy/Erotic  This was really hot!

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