Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Thanks to my old friend Jackson Lores for the guest post.

Fishing is a traditional hobby that’s gone through my family for ages. I even have a few uncles who make a living off it. I have personally learned to love it, especially during the summer.

Summer is the best time to fish. You get up at the crack of dawn when it’s quiet and no one else is awake. You go to a nice quiet lake or pond, cast your line, and relax as you watch the water wade. It’s a hobby for those who know how to be silent and patient. My grandfather was the one who taught me the fish. He had me on fishing trips with him since I was five years old. He taught me all the tips and tricks, and I have learned to respect them just as much as I respect the sport.

My favorite thing about fishing is that it brings my family together. Not only do I go fishing, but I also bring my wife and kids with me whenever I can get the chance. My wife barbecues and sets up a the picnic as I teach the kids all the things my grandfather once taught me. It’s a priceless experience.

When I’m not fishing, I can watch programs with my kids about hobby or sport fishing on my direct tv georgia fishing channel. The family legacy will live on.

**I did receive a small compensation for this post.  All opinions are 100% mine unless otherwise stated.**

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