Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Do you like taking pictures?  I don't care much for being the subject of pictures, but I like taking them.  I even took a photography class back in high school. 

One thing I learned while taking my photography class, is that it doesn't matter how talented a photographer is if their camera doesn't work well.  For example, my cousin, who has never taken photography classes,  takes gorgeous pictures.  This is because she has a $500 camera.  If you handed her an $80 camera and asked her to take the same picture, of course it would not turn out as beautiful as the picture taken with the more expensive camera.  You do not have to be a photographer in order to take great pictures, you just need a high quality camera that can do the job for you.

I found this site called Become.com.  It is an online shopping site that allows you to buy items at cheaper prices than you would in a store.  They have a camera and photo section with awesome low price cameras that put my Nikon Coolpix to shame.  Being that I do not have a ton of money to toss out the window in order to get another camera, I am seriously considering buying a camera from this site

The prices are really great.  For example, I found a red 10 Megapixel Touchscreen Polaroid Digital Camera for only $80!  With tax and shipping & handling, the total would come to only $95.40.  That is cheaper than my silver Nikon Coolpix!  This is a great site, check it out today!

**I did receive a small compensation for the advertisement of the company.  All opinions are 100% mine unless otherwise stated.**

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Amber said...

I think I love you ;). We've been looking for a camera and I need it this month to start practicing for my brother's wedding! My BF will be happy for cheaper prices :D