Friday, May 28, 2010

The Perfect online Chai Tea Supplier

This is a guest post by my buddy Jameson Rollins

After a few years of searching on my satellite internet san antonio Texas, I found a truly reputable source for my powdered Chai Tea herbs. I first sent out a bunch of requests for sample packs to be assembled and mailed for me to test. It was not as if I asked for this for free, I offered to pay a small fee for them to put it together for me.

I'm telling you, I tried just about every Chai Tea supplier that I could find out there using satellite internet Texas, and tried what they had to offer. Even though I found that many companies have great product, only a few meet my standards as a Chai Tea connoisseur. I found that had an excellent stock of MD Chai Tea as well as Green Thai. Even though they have incredible product, it did not come close to what Chai began to offer after I moved to Oregon last year. I placed my first order as soon as I activated my wild blue portland account.

Right out of the package, I knew that this batch was far superior than the rest. And this was just from testing the lowest grade Chai Tea that they carry. Other than having to wait sometimes for the order to get out in the mail, my experience with all of them at Chai has been more than pleasant. They even sent me a free 10g sample of 15x extract! has to get some recognition too for the sample packs, she sent me a few oz's free of charge to sample along with my regular order. It seems like certain company's product shines more over another one, so you cannot simply grade them on one particular batch that you receive.

That being said, make sure to ask your source if the stems and veins have been removed prior to grinding. It seems that a number of websites are selling Chai Tea like this in order to boost product weight. You definitely want to avoid this. Luckily, everybody has been very helpful to find the ideal online source of Chai Tea.

**I did recieve a small comensation for this post.  All opinions are 100% mine unless otherwise stated.**

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