Monday, May 3, 2010

Review: The MacCarrick Brothers Trilogy by Kresley Cole

Anyone who reads romance should know the name Kresley Cole.  If you don't, then you aren't reading romance.  Kresley Cole is awesome.  She has her Immortals After Dark series, which is something to rave about on it's own.  But, she also has a trilogy about 3 Scottish Highland brothers who think they are cursed. 

I have had the books sitting on my shelf for what feels like forever now.  I had read the first book, and completely feel in love.  It was actually my cousin who had read this particular book first, and she could not shut up about how awesome Court (the hero) was.  So, I read it and fell for Court too.  Then I finally read the second book a week back. Amazing.  But, when I came to the last book, I decided I loved it the most.

1st book- If You Dare  Court is the youngest of his 3 brothers. He has always been know as the mean one.  After all, he is a mercenary.  So, when he is wronged and almost executed, he makes sure he extracts his revenge when he gets away.  By stealing the guy's fiance.  Not that the girl cares.  She's actually glad to be away from the man she was supposed to marry.  However, she knows she has to go back, or her fiance will kill her brother.  Court doesn't want to give her back though, his curse be damned.

2nd book- If You Desire  Hugh is an assassin who once fell in love with a beautiful English girl.  And, little did he know that she fell for him too.  Even thought that she would one day marry him.  But, Hugh, as a second son, did not have a penny to his name and couldn't afford to take care of the wealthy girl.  Letting her go, he turned black and bitter, while she grew to hate him for never saying good-bye.  Now, 10 years later, he has to take care of her because his old crazy assassin partner is out to get her.  Sparks are flying, and Hugh can be pretty funny!

3rd book- If You Deceive Ethan is 33 and 10 years back, he was viciously scared for a crime he did not commit.  His once handsome face now has a foot long scare running down one side of his face, scaring away the women who once would come so easily to him.  Yup, I loved this book.  One of the best things about Kresley's books is that she always adds humor them, and I was giggling super hard towards the end of this book.

This series rocks!  I love Historicals.  I love Highlanders.  And, it was awesome.  This is one of those series I keep on my list of 'if anyone ever needs a recommendation' books. 

You can check out Kresley Cole's website here for all of the latest info about her books.  I check it out every few months to see if their is any news.  You can sign up for a monthly newsletter too.

***** Must Haves
Heat Rating= Sexy

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