Wednesday, May 26, 2010

70 and just learning to live!

This is a guest post by Tom Harton

Here I am, It is my 70th birthday and I am going 200 mph around a race track! What a rush! How different this is from my life just a year ago! I will never forget that day, that was the day I was reborn.

I had just received my Hearing aids and I was at the park feeding the ducks. I looked up and saw this man jog right past me. He must have run in front of me four or five times. Finally he asked if it was ok if he sat by me. Sure, I said. We started talking and I was shocked to learn this guy was 78 years old! What? You are older than me and 10 times as active as me, have you found the fountain of youth? He laughed, and said, well yes, I think I have. Well what is is I eagerly asked!. He leaned over and whispered, live life.

Huh? Live life, he said. He went on to tell me he was like me a couple years ago. Just an aging senior, feeling useless. Then he told me it clicked with him. If he wanted to live life it was up to him to get up and take advantage of the technologies available to seniors like Miracle-Ear hearing aids. True he lived in a senior facility, but there were senior spas at his disposal, senior dancing, senior golfing, and on and on the list goes. Then he got up and left me all alone with the ducks. It was then I had a new resolve to live life to the fullest. And that is how I found myself going 200 mph on my 70th birthday.

**I did recieve a small compensation for the post. All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.**

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very inspirational.

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