Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Review: Dark Lover by Brenda Joyce

     Brenda Joyce!  What can I say that will pay tribute to this wonderful woman?  (Yes, I'm that speechless)
      Joyce writes the Masters of Time series.  Basically, the Masters are anicent (near immotal, so they age really well!) Highlanders who have amazing powers.  They take vows for the old gods they worship and then are considered Masters. 
     What is a Master?  Well....  The Masters vow to protect the innocent and to use their powers only for good.  These men not only age well and have amazing powers, they, themselves, are amazing!  Basically, they are the total package.  (pun was unintented)
    Now, Dark Lover is the 5th book in the series.  If you have read the previous books then you will already know our heroin, Sam Rose.  For those of you that don't already know: Sam is a Slayer (she hunts and kills demons), she is gorgeous, she now works for the governement department that hunts the evil baddies, and she is now living alone.  (Translation:  her sister, cousin, and best friend all went into the past and stayed living there with their sexy soulmates [masters])
     In Dark Embrace, Ian, our hero in Dark Lover is introduced.  He is a Master's son, meaning he has some incredible powers.  But, Ian isn't a Master.  He hasn't taken the vows a Master must take.  You see, Ian Maclean is the son of Aidan of Awe, making him the grandson of the evil demon, Moray.  When Ian was but 9 years old he was killed by Moray then resurrected only to be tortured for 66 years, all because Moray hated his son, Aidan, for not becoming demon.
     Safe to say, Ian, now grown up, who has been out of capitivity for 25 years, has a few wounds that have not yet healed.  Sam, who doesn't know what compassion is, must work Ian over to the good side.  (Right now Ian is playing neutral)  The two want each other in bed, but what about when the sun rises and reality sets in?

    Dark Lover was extreamly emotional for me.  It was cute, it was sad, it was hot, and it was adorable.  You can't help but fall for Ian and want to take care of him after what he went through.  And Sam is every girl's hero.  She's tuff, sexy, and gets what she wants.  The book was really cute, and I am definetly going to be telling my friends about it!

To read more about the Masters Of Time, click here: http://www.brendajoyce.com/novels_masters.htm

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