Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Review: Take Me Tonight by Roxanne St. Claire

       Roxanne St.Claire is a genius when it comes to these Bullet Catchers!  I just love her series!  Take Me Tonight is the third (3rd) book in her Bullet Catcher series. 
      In this St.Claire novel, Johnny Christiano, a Bullet Catcher with a (family) mafia past, is ordered to watch out for a young woman named Sage.  But, what Johnny doesn't know is that Sage Valentine is his boss's niece, and Lucy (Johnny's boss) wants to keep it that way. 
     Sage's roommate has just committed suicide, which seems very unlikely to Sage who knew the woman well.  Sage wants to know what really happened and she wants vengence for her now deceased roommate and friend.  So, Sage goes to her ex-CIA aunt, Lucy Sharp.  Lucy tells her she can't help, and to stay out of the past, knowing it might come back to hurt her.
    Naturally, Sage doesn't listen to her aunt, who she hasn't spoken to in 13 years, so Lucy puts Johnny on her tail.  Johnny is to pretend to be the "resucer" in a "kidnapping" gig put together by takemetonight.com, a web site for woman who want a sexual thrill.  (Sage enlists herself in this website to get information about her roommate's death.)
     Johnny "saves" Sage, taking her back to her house, still pretending to be the savior from takemetonight.com.  Knowing Sage would continue to try to get information, Johnny is ordered to keep his undercover identity and keep Sage safe.
    Sage easily falls for Johnny, even though his cover is less than savory.   Johnny, who is Italian, woos Sage with his amazing cooking skills.. and a few other skills up his sleeve.  Johnny finds himself falling for the beautiful journalist as well, even after learning who her aunt is.

   Ok, I'm pretty sure you guys know I LOVE the Bullet Catcher series by now, but this book was so cute!  Johnny was seriously adorable, and Sage was just enough bravery mixed with feminine sexuality to not get annoyed at her.  (Because, common, more times than not, we will get mad at the women in romance novels for just jumping the guy, am I right?) 

To check out more about Roxanne St. Claire, click here: http://www.roxannestclaire.com/
To learn more about Johnny, click here: http://www.roxannestclaire.com/johnny.html
You can read the first few pages of Take Me Tonight (from amazon.com) here

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Roxanne St. Claire said...

What a nice Christmas present for me to find your site, Kayla! So glad you like the Bullet Catchers! Johnny was one of my favorites to write - some books are harder than others, but his story just flew out of me. Of course, I'm married to an Italian cook, so that helped. Sadly, he looks nothing like Johnny.

Have a great holiday, and thanks for the terrific reviews.


CallMeKayla said...

I'm so glad you liked the review Rocki! And even if your husband doesn't look like Johnny, I'm still jealous! I LOVE Italian food and I'll bet you get some great recipes/meals!