Monday, December 14, 2009

Review: Thrill Me To Death

     Bulletcatchers.  It's another word for bodyguard, and that's what these guys do.  Thrill Me To Death is the 2nd book in Roxanne St. Claire's Bulletcatcher series. 
      (First, we'll play a little game of catch up so you guys know what the series is about!)   Lucy is an ex-CIA agent who nows runs her own buisness.  She protects people with her sexy group of bulletcatchers (aka bodyguards).  Lucy doesn't work for just anyone however, she works for the richest of the rich, meaning her and her boys are doing damn good in the finances.  But then, when you're the best there is at the game, people will empty out their pockets for you.. well, and to save their own lives..
     Now, meet Max Roper, the big gorgeous bodyguard prides himself on keeping his emotions (the ones he has left) under complete control while on the job.  Except, will he be able to keep the flames under control when guarding his ex-love?
     Cori ran away from Max (they were together for a year) after her father, who worked with Max, died in a shooting.  Cori thinks Max could have prevented her father's death, but could he have? 
      Now, 5 years later, Cori is a widow to a billionaire, an old billionaire, and Max has been hired to protect her from her angry step-son.  It's obvious as soon as his name is mentioned that Cori hasn't gotten over the big hunk, and neither has Max (got over Cori, that is).  Having to dodge bullets, as well as secrets, can be tough on a guy, but Max thinks he can handle himself... Or does Cori want to be the one who handles him, like all those years ago..? 
     This book is hot!  I had previously read the first book in the Bulletcatcher series (KILL ME TWICE) and it was really good, but it was obvious that from a few short paragraphs I had fallen for the big guy (Max), and had to get his book.  Now, I have the next book in Roxanne St.Claire's series sitting on my nightstand, and I cannot wait to read it! 
     For those of you who think this genre isn't your style:  You're wrong.  I thought the same thing.  I'm more of a paranormal/historical reader, but this series seriously rocks!  You'll have to read it to beilive it, but it's the truth, so put the Bulletcatchers on your TBB (to be bought) list (or your holiday wish list!).

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