Friday, December 11, 2009

Review: Deep Kiss of Winter by Kresley Cole and Gena Showalter

      That's right!  Both Kresley Cole and Gena Showalter has a story in this book!  In my opinion, these women are two of the best romance authors in the biz. 
     Kresley Cole's  novel is called Untouchable.  If you have read her other Immortals After Dark books then you will know the sexy hero starring in Untouchable! 

      *drumroll please!*

     Murdoch Wroth!  Yep, this sexy, lady's man, warlord is back in action!  And finding his own Bride.  His brothers stories have been told, and now it's his turn. 
      Wroth finds her, this Ice Maiden called Daniela, and he knows what to expect, only he doesn't want a Bride.  The ruthless warlord thinks that having one will ruin him. 
    Daniela is half Valkyrie, a ruthless and beautiful race, and half Icere, a race who flourishes in ice, and are unable to touch another not of their kind without pain.
    So, meet Daniela, she likes to be called Danii, the woman you want to be while reading Cole's book.  She is a 2,000 year old virgin who has forever been on the run from her mother's people, the Icere.  Danii is the rightful Queen to her race, but the King wants her out of the picture, getting his army to go after her.  Danii meets Murdoch as she is running for her life, and, of course, he saves her.
     The two know that the fates have put them togther, and Danii for one is happy about being with the hunky warrior vampire.  Can she tame his rougish heart?  Can he touch her ice cold skin?  Read to find out!

To read an exerpt of Untouchable and to check out more by Kresley Cole, click here:

Now, on to the second half the book!

     Gena Showalter's novel is called Tempt Me Eternally.  It is the next enstallment in her Alien Huntress series!  Now, I have never previously read any other Alien Huntress novel (those aren't my type of books) but I love everything else I've read by Gena and was excited to read this book.  And guess what?
     I loved it!
     Tempt Me Eternally was GOOD!  There is a government faction that keeps the Earth safe from aliens.  And, yes, the people on Earth know all about aliens (apprently, there was a war between humans and aliens).  So, this group is called AIR (Alien Investiation & Removal) and the heroin, Aleaha Love, works for them.  She's not sure if she is a human or an alien, but she can be anyone she wants.  Literally.  Aleaha Love can change her appearence after only touching someone.  Right now, she is Macy, an ex-cop turned AIR agent.  Yep, you got it, no one in AIR knows who Aleaha really is.
     And there is our golden boy, Breean.  I mean golden literally, Breean's race is of golden appeal. (Their hair and skin have a gold sheen.) Breean is a alien warrior from a different planet, hoping to make Earth his new home.  And when he sees Aleaha, he knows he found the right place to be.  The two have their differences, and they have to stand up against AIR, making the whole relationship difficult.  They are certainly explosive in the bedroom, but that doesn't make a life.  Can the two aliens make it?
    Again, you'll have to read to find out more!  Unfortuntly, I don't think Gena's website has an exerpt for this book, but here is her website to check out anyways: