Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Review: Bad Moon Rising by Sherrilyn Kenyon

       I love Sherrilyn Kenyon's work.  Her Dark Hunters series is by far my favorite of everything she's writen though.  So, naturally, I had to get Bad Moon Rising
      This Kenyon book is 340 pages long, and let me tell you, it it wasn't long enough for me!  When it ended I was like, "no!  there has to be more!"
       For Kenyon Minions, you will already know who Fury and Aimee are.  For those of you not yet fans, let me fill you in:
       Fang Kattalakis is a werewolf, a wolf who was the power to become human when conscious.  He is the son of the leader of his pack (though his father won't claim him and vise versa). 
       Amiee Peltier is a bearwere, a human who can turn into a bear when conscious.  She and her family run The Sanctuary.  To humans, Sanctuary is just a cool bar to hang around at.  But to weres, and everything else not entirely human, the bar is just that, a sanctuary.  The bar has laws that are upheld by higher powers to allow complete peace and safty to those inside it's walls.
       Well, as you can imagine, bears and wolfs don't exactly mix...  But, when Fang walks in Sanctuary only to be waited on by Amiee, they both get a wake-up call.  Because they want each other, badly.   Fang knows if he gets cozy with a bear his pack will tear him apart, and Amiee knows the same will happen to her with her bear family.  
       But, Fate has other things in mind for them.  Fang gets sent to a hell realm and Aimee saves him, needing him back at any cost.  

    I already said I love Sherrilyn Kenyon's work, and I really do.  This book was so good.  Kenyon always sends me on an emotional rollercoaster everytime I read one of her books.  I mean, who can't resist a wounded puppy, right?  (pun intended)

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***** Must Read
Heat Rating= Sexy


Anonymous said...

Visiting from My Overstuffed Bookshelf....I have read a couple of Sherrilyn's books and I can hardly wait to read more....Especially this one!