Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lover Mine by J. R. Ward

        No, sadly, Lover Mine, John's book, is not out yet.  But, I do have the proper release date on it!!  I had told you all before that it was to be released in May 2010, and, I was a bit off on the date.
      Good news?  We don't have to wait until May.
       Bad News?  We have to wait until the end of April, but, to me, a few days sooner is better than nothing!
        The OFFICAL release date for J. R. Ward's 8th Black Dagger Brotherhood, LOVER MINE, is:

April 27, 2010!

I am so excited for this release, it went on my calendar as soon as I found out!  I hop eyou guys are as excited out John's book as I am! :)

For more J.R. Ward and the brothers:


Patti said...

Even a few days earlier is good news! JM is my favorite character!

Anonymous said...

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