Saturday, January 9, 2010

Review: 4:Play by Jess Scott

     4 : Play is Jess Scott's second novel. It is a collection of "erotic" stories. I quote that because, while they it is called erotic, I put I would call it "fluffy sex." (There were some details, but it was not graphic enough to be considered erotica.) The book contains 10 short stories, all ranging in both plotting, and length.
    4 out of the 10 stories are male/female relationship stories, one mixing a (known) brother and sister together. 1 of the tales is female/female, and the remaining 3 stories are male/male encounters. The last one (if you counted there was only 9) is a collection of poems.
    If you like to read erotica, then this sounds like a great collection of stories. Personally, I find books like this, to hold stories that seem to be too short for me. I like to have stories with good structure and characters that stay around long enough to fall for.
     That being said, I do like some anthologies as long as they are well written. This, however, is not one of them. Everything was written in a first person POV (I, me, etc.) I much prefer to read in third person. The majority of novels are written in third person, and they seem to be a more comfortable way to read.
    The effort is there, but the stories seem dull. The characters have no real character to them. The writing itself can use improvement, and there is a lot of information that can be cut out entirely. Overall, I was not very impressed with 4: Play.

***I received a copy of the book so I could write an honest review***

Pass On This! Heat Rating= Sweet