Saturday, January 9, 2010

Review: My Devilish Scotsman by Jen Holling

      My Devilish Scotsman is Jen Holling's second book in her Brides of the Bloodstone trilogy. (The first is My Wicked Highlander.)

     The trilogy follows the story of three sisters (each one with their own book). Two of the sisters are witches, but, the middle one, Gillian, is without any powers. It's a scary time to live in Scotland. Witch burnings are happening everywhere, and anyone can be a witch, even the neighbor's dog!
     The girl's father had sent them away, to each live seperatly, where it would less dangerous after their own mother had been burned at the stake. Now, their father is deathly ill and he calls them all home. The girls haven't seen each other in years, and soon they will be leaving each other's company again. Their father has called them home so he could get them wed off. Once wed, they will have a husband to protect them, and he can die knowing his girls are safe.
     In My Devilish Scotsman, the eldest sister, Isobel, has already been wed off. She has married a knight she fell in love with, instead of the man her father picked out. Now, the man once scorn by Isobel, is to wed her younger sister, Gillian. Gillian isn't nervous to wed Lord Nicholas Lyon, twelfth earl of Kincreag. The man is said to have murdered his previous wife, but Gillian knows it can't be so. Why would he be her father's best friend if it were such?
     Gillian finds her earl to be a beautiful man. He might be a bit rough around the edges, but Gillian is sure she can polish him up. But, what happens when Gillian finds out she is a witch, one that can see and speak to the dead? And, what will happen when Nicholas's first wife shows up from beyond the grave?
     I was so excited to finally get this book! It was wonderful and I'm making my mother read it right now. :) The characters were great, the plot was well thought out, and Jen Holling had me laughing like a fool! If you like Historicals and Highlanders, then you will love this book!

**** Must Read! 
Heat Rating= Sweet

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