Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Review: The Accidental Vampire by Lynsay Sands

      This was my very first Lynsay Sands book I have ever read.  At the time when I read, I didn't know it was a series.  Boy, am I glad now.  In all honesty, when I read it, I didn't think it was an amazing book, it wasn't my favorite, and I could have tossed it aside.
        But,  then I started reading the other Argeneau books.  I fell in love with all of them, so why not this one?  Was it because I wasn't in the right midset?  I don't know, I couldn't tell you.  Maybe I was just insane. LOL  But, one thing is for sure, while The Accidental Vampire is not my favorite Argeneau book, it is defintly worth reading.

    The Accidental Vampire is about Victor Argeneau, a vampire who works the Enforcers, vamp police.  Elvi is a-few-years-back-I-was-turned vampire.
    Elvi was old, her hair gray.  She went on a trip with her equally old friend after her husband and daughter died tradgically.  While sight-seeing, Elvi's bus crashed, and she woke up a bit later thirsty as hell.  She was now a vampire, but how?!
    Victor is sent to investiagte Elvi.  An add is put in the newspaper looking for a male vampire spouse, for Elvi of course.  It is Victor's job to find out if she is a nut case or a real vampire.  And, if real, then he has to see that she stops spreading word of her existence.
    Turns out, Elvi is the real deal.  And, she needs some assistence being a vampire.  No one ever told her what she can and can't do.  So, Vic becomes her teacher... in a couple of ways.

*** Page Turner
Heat Rating=Sexy

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Patti said...

This was my first Argeneau book too! I didn't realize it was a series either, LOL!

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