Saturday, January 23, 2010

Review: Bite Me If You Can by Lynsay Sands

    Bite Me If You Can is personally my favorite Argeneau book!  I love a good bad boy and, while Lucian isn't a bad guy, he has a bad boy aura.  He is brooding and likes to be alone.  He is serious to the extreme, and that makes me want to make him crack a smile.
    Lucian is a man in charge.  He is the oldest in the Argeneau family, and runs the Enforcers.  The Enforcers are kind of like vampire police, making sure secrets don't spill and everyone is safe.  While tracking down a crazy rouge vampire, he meets a newly turned vampire named Leigh Gerard. 
     Leigh is a grown woman who knows what she wants.  She owns and runs her own bar, and only got mixed up this whole crazy vampire mess because her employee had a huge crush on her.  I'm serious.  This guy, who also just got turned, wanted to be with Leigh forever, so he had his maker turn her as well.
    So, once Lucian takes care of the crazies, he now has to take care of the hot vampire newbie.  He usually gives the newbies to his sister-in-law, Marguerite.  But, this time around, Marguerite is in Eruope working on a PI case (her new job).  So, Lucian is stuck teaching Leigh how to be a vampire.
   Like I said, this is my favorite Argeneau book ever!  It made my sides hurt I was laughing so hard.  Leigh is out of it in the begining, and her first impression of Lucain is FUNNY!  I don't want to give away spoilers if you haven't read it yet, but I'm giggling right now just thinking back on it.  :)  This is a total must read.

***** Must Read
Heat Rating= Spicy

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Amy J - Book Addict said...

Everyone loves this book! I like the second book in the series the best! Rachel was such a smartie!