Monday, January 11, 2010

Review: My Shadow Warrior by Jen Holling

    My Shadow Warrior is Jen Holling's last book in her Brides of the Bloodstone trilogy.  This book is all about the youngest sister in the MacDonell family, Rose, and, as you can tell from the cover, her falling in love.  *swoons* 
    If you have read the previous books, then you will know that Alan MacDonell, Rose's father is deathly ill.  No one can figure out what he has and how to heal him.  Rose, a witch and a healer herself, takes the sole responcibility for her father's health.  Because of this, and the love for her father, she sets out to find the Wizard of the North, a man who is said to have amazing healing powers.
     Rose finds the man.  He's trapped in his own home.  He is a lord, and his villagers have tried to kill him (they witch hunted in those days) forcing him to stay hidden.  After some persuation, Rose gets the wizard, William, to come back with her to heal her father.
     Along the way, though, Rose finds herself drawn to the handsome man, and his darling daughter.  Alas, Rose is already bretrothed.  A boy from her childhood no more, Jamie is now a man, and leader of his clan.  He is a good looking man too, but Rose isn't drawn to him as she is William.

    I would love to go on and on and on right now about the book, and how wonderful it was.  But, I know I have to stop now so I don't give it all away.  I love this series, it's adorable, and I love highlanders! ;)  This is a great book.  Solid characters, good plotting (actually, it was fantastic plotting in this particular book!), the characters were in enough depth so I felt like I knew them, but not too much depth were I was bored to death with details.  It was a really great book!

  ***Page Turner!  Heat Rating=Sexy

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