Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Review: All The Right Reasons by Sandy James

      All The Right Reasons is Sandy James' 3rd book in her Damaged Heros series.  The book tells the story of a man named Lucas who comes home from fighting in Iraq.  The war has changed Lucas though.  He comes home from fighting bitter and guilty over his friend's death in Iraq.  In order to deal with his pain, Lucas decides to buy an old mansion and fix it up, as well as fix up a few retired racehorses.
      Now, what girl doesn't fall for a broken man?  We all want to be the one who fixes them, right?  Well, Joy must have had the same idea.  She falls for Lucas, but is that a good thing?   Joy's family is a very traditional group of gypsy desendents.  Because of this, her family has chosen a husband for Joy, a man who is not Lucas.
      Being forced to not follow your own dreams and will doesn't really fit any girl's agenda, including Joy.  Joy wants to help this man she has fallen for, and she wants him to help her right back.  Help her to get out of her parent's marriage idea.

     The book was very cute and an overall good read!  I will definetly be telling my friends about this book!

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**I received a copy of the book so I could write a real review**

*** Page Turner
Heat Rating= Sexy

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Sandy James said...

Thanks for the beautiful review!!

CallMeKayla said...

you're welcome Sandy! Thank you for giving me a copy of the book so I could write the review!