Saturday, January 23, 2010

Review: A Bite To Remember by Lynsay Sands

    The 5th book in Lynsay Sand's Argeneau series, A Bite To Remember is a book to remember as one your all time favorites!  In this Argeneau book, Private Investigator, Jackie Morrisey is hired by Vincent Argeneau to help him out with a few set problems.
     If you read the last book, then you will remember Vincent.  But, if not, keep your ears open (or in this case, your eyes).  Vincent is a vampire who lives in California, unlike most of his family who resides in Canada.  Vinny lives in California though, because he is an actor.  But, more than an actor, he also owns his own production company, with most of the employees being vampires.
     Jackie is a human.  She knows about the Argeneaus and vampires in general though.  You see, her father, now dead, was a PI too.  One that handled quite a few vampire cases, usually the Argeneau's, back in his day.  And, now, it is Jackie's turn to help out the handsom family.
    Vincent's present production, ironically it's Dracula on Broadway, is turning out to be a nightmare.  Someone is sabotaging everything, but who?  Jackie and her co-worker, a huge guy who loves to cook, named  Tiny, are going to find out.
A Bite To Remember is hilarious. I love that Tiny is a kick ass cook.  Vincent hasn't eaten in a couple hundred years, so when his appitight comes back, he eats everything in site.  It's very funny, but I expect nothing less from the brillant Lynsay Sands.

**** Keeper
Heat Rating= Sexy/Spicy (sorry, it's in between!) LOL

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