Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Save The Books!

It may or may not have come to your attention that Walden Bookstores (a Borders Group Inc. book franchise) will be closing 200 of it's stores this January of 2010. 

Where are all those books going??? 
No, not a wonderful clearence sale.  Nope, they're not moving them to a new location or donating them either.  What are they doing with them them?
They are throwing them away! 
That's right.  As in garbage cans and the dumps.  How dumb is that?  They are tossing brand new, profitable books out the window.. literally.  They are not just throwing books away, they are also throwing their money away as well. 

Kate, over at The Neverending Bookshelf, gave me an idea.  She wrote to the people at Border's Group Inc. and I wanted to too.  So, without further ado, here is my letter and under that I will post the conact information in case you guys want to write to them too.


   My name is Kayla Johnson. I am a part time college student, a book blogger/reviewer, and, most importantly, a book lover. The other day I found out that, because Walden Books is closing, you are throwing away perfectly good, brand books. I ask, why?
    Would it not be smarter to donate them? I heard you think that it is not worth it. Not worth what? You are throwing away money anyways! Libraries are in need, you could help them and many other local organizations!
    If you didn't want to donate, you could move the books into one of the other book stores owned through the company. (Still, saving you money, not to mention many books!)
    Or, you could put them in storage. Surely you can use them at a later time, could you not?

   Am I saying this just for the hell of it? No. This is in both your best interest and mine. I love books, I find it a complete utter waste to toss them out. I'm sure you love money, and you are tossing it out. Are you seeing the pattern here?
   In case you are a dunce and cannot, I'll just tell you: You are wasting both money and books!
   We are in the middle of an economic drop at the moment, as I am sure you are well aware of. So, why toss more much needed money out the window?
   I am sure that this letter will go to no good. After all, I am just one woman writing one letter to save books. But, even though one cause can be bigger than next, it doesn't mean it shouldn't have time, thought, and help behind it. I can't do much to help this cause, to save those books, but you can. Help me save the books. Please. Where would we be today without them?

Please think on what I have wrote.
Thank you,
Kayla Johnson

Borders Group Inc. Contact Information:

CEO Ron Marshall -
CFO Mark Bierley -

Customer Care

Borders Corporate Headquarters - 1.800.243.7510 (press 9 for customer care)
Customer Service Center - 1.800.770.7811

Also, here is Kate's (The Neverending Bookshelf's) letter as well, in case you wanted to read or comment.


Kate said...

Great letter. All we can do now is wait and see what kind of response we get.