Friday, November 6, 2009

Review: Raine: The Lords of Satyr

Well, I just finished reading Raine, the second installment in the Lords of Satyr series by Elizabeth Amber. (It is catagorized as "Fantasy Erotica" for those of you curious!) It was alright, I'd give it a 2 out of 5. Ok, show of hands: How many of you have read an erotica book that actually has a solid story line and plot behind it? I know, they are a bit difficult to find, but they are out there! Raine does have a well developed plot and story line to it, so no need to worry! However, the main female character I am having issues to accept. She is a heromaphrodite, with equal cravings. Raine, our main male character, is, naturally, fine with this fact being that she is his pre-destined bride. Now, the book did keep my attention until the end. To say the novel is borning is wrong. It's not boring in the least (not like that!) but it is a little odd (at least it was for me). Raine Satyr is a great character, being half human, half Faerie, and one of the Satyr Lords. Raine, and his brothers, one older and one younger, run and own the Satyr Vineyard, being very wealthy winemakers. His female counterpart Jordan is a good character too. Despite her condition, she is not embarrassed about herself (yes she considers herself a "she".) She has to deal with some interesting characters through her journey of the book, but she passes all her trails, most with Raine at her side.

The story is based in 1823 Italy, though they do speak, for the most part, very modern. Overall, I can't say I fell in love with the characters, or the story, though I'm not saying it was bad. For me, the cover was better than the actual story, but when you have so much to compare one book too, I suppose your expections are set high.

You can check out Elizabeth Amber's website here: along with experts, blurbs and newsletters.

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