Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Renegade Hunter by Lynsay Sands

     Lynsay Sands is one of my favorite writers of all time!  She is extreamly funny, and it shows through her Argeneau series! 
     While Sands also writes Historical Romance, this particular series of hers is a Paranormal Romance, complete with a smokin' hot family of vampires.  Well, immortals; they don't like being called "vampires" being that their origin is completly scientific. 
     You see, they have nanos in their blood, something their Atlantean ancestors created to cure cancer and other illnesses.  The nanos were supposed to die and be flushed out of the body after the repairing task was done.  Only the body is under constant need to "fixing".  Aging, sunlight, illness; it's all seen as a thing in need of fixing to the nanos, so they never die.
    The nanos need blood to work, but the human body doesn't create enough blood, so, back in the day, transfutions were given.  But, when Atlantis fell, and a few immortals survived, transfutions were no where to be seen.  It would take hundreds of years until the rest of the world started becoming as evolved as Atlantis was, so the nanos gave the immortals something in order to get what they needed to work:  fangs.  They also got speed, strength, super eyesight, and the ability to read and control others; all except their one, very rare life mate.
    Interested now?  Hahaha, thought you might be.  So, enough with the science part.  The book doesn't revolve much around it anyways.  What it does revolve around, however, is Nicholas Argeneau, a rogue hunter who tracks and kills crazy immortals.  Why is he rogue?  He once killed an innocent woman while he was grieving over his dead lifemate and unborn child.  Ever since he has been on the run, never staying in one place too long, worried that the other enforcers, the "vampire" police, will find and kill him.
    While tracking one of his crazies, Nicholas runs into Josephine Willian, Jo for short.  The beautiful woman already, unknowingly, has one sister who has an immortal as a lifemate, and Jo is about to discover she is Nicholas's lifemate.
    Forced on the run with Nicholas to escape the man after her, Jo falls in love with Nicholas.  But, hey, who can blame her?  The gorgeous man was practically made for Jo. 

   Lynsay Sands will take you on a crazy, beautiful, sensual, and hilarious journey with The Renegade Hunter.  I was laughing from page 5 all the way to the very end of this book.  Now, just a warning:  This is not the first book in the series.  In fact, there are 12 books (only one being an anthology) before The Renegade Hunter.  Why am I warning you about this?  Well, you can certainly read the books out of order, so don't worry. I'm telling you because once you read one, you have you read them all!

Here is the reading order for those curious:
A Quick Bite
Loves Bites
Single White Vampire
Tall, Dark, & Hungry
A Bite To Remember
Bite Me If You Can
The Accidental Vampire
Vampires Are Forever
Vampire, Interrupted
The Rogue Hunter
The Immortal Hunter
Bitten By Cupid (anthology with Jamie Rush and Pamela Palmer)
The Renegade Hunter

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