Monday, November 2, 2009

Possess Me At Midnight

Hi Everyone! I just got back from Walmart with my mom (I had to go get an expandable folder for all my loose papers) and found something crazy good.



.... Wait for it..



I was so excited to see it in a mass market paperback form (I was sure it would hardcover like the first book in the Doomsday Brethern series). So, Of Course, I picked it up, did my happy dance and song in the middle of Walmart, and bought the book.

I'm so in love with Ice anyways, the hero staring in Possess Me At Midnight, with just the first clip of him from the first book, Tempt Me With Darkness. I cannot wait to read it, and will keep you guys updated on how it is, but I just thought to give you all a heads up that it is in a mass marketed paperback format (which is the cheapest!) I got my copy, like I said, from Walmart, for $5.97 (plus tax of course) but I was exstatic.

For those of you just catching on to the series, or haven't heard of it before, the DOOMSDAY BRETHERN series is by Shayla Black and has been descibed as Harry Potter for adults, though I think that descibtion just doesn't to the series justice. It is about a group of wizards and witches (in modern day England) who are immortal and are fighting the good fight (good v. evil). Of course, there are bad wizards, which our crazy gorgeous hunks fight against; and beautiful, brave, women to captivate their hearts.

The books contain: great plot, captivating characters, hot steamy sex, and, hunky warriors of the magic kind.

Again, the author is Shayla Black. You can find her website here:

You can meet the sexy warriors here:

And you can downlod a FREE Doomsday Brethern novela (to get a taste of the magic the boys bring with them) here: [Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Download Now!" and that's it!

ENJOY!! I know I will be!