Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Shifting Plains

Hello Sexy Women Read readers!  You guys have all heard of Jean Johnson, right?  Well, if not, she is an amazing paranormal romance author.

Her website:

Her previous series, The Sons of Destiny, was beautifully well written, and now, she has a new series (The Shifting Plains), which was discussed in her 5th Sons of Destiny book, The Cat, and her 6th book as well, The Storm.

So, what am I going to talk about this time?  Not much actually, I just wanted to inform you guys of the book (which I have not bought or read yet) and of the release date.

Release date for THE SHIFTING PLAINS: November 3, 2009
The catagory it is placed in is actually considered "Fantasy Romance", which might help you find it where you to look for it (which you should!!)

You can get more information about The Shifting Plains and read a sneak peak of the novel here:

You can also friend Jean on Facebook by clicking here.

Until next next time, Happy Reading!